Watching cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park 2 ~ Chinese girls take cheesy pose. / a punk dressed couple

Hello. I’ll add some more impressions I got, when my husband and I visited Yuyuantan Park to see cherry blossoms. (Here is the previous page.)

First, Japanese people like to take photos, but I feel Chinese people do even more. They really enjoy taking their own photos and showing them to others.


Women (including old women) take cheesy pose photos, like models. Japanese people are too shy to do that.

Now many Chinese people are visiting Japan (and buying high-tech toilet seats or rice cookers) because Japanese yen is cheap now, so maybe Japanese people see Chinese tourists taking lots of photos in Japan.

Second, there were so many people in the park. (I mentioned it last time.)

Plus, I just liked that I saw a couple who wore crazy style clothing.


My husband said ‘Wow it’s punk!’ I like that they wear whatever they like. (It doesn’t matter whether their taste is good or bad.)

Chinese people have many choices now for clothing. They have an economy to let them buy all kinds of fashion. Isn’t it great?

I have a friend who visited China 10 or 15 years ago for a business trip. She said she felt depressed because everybody was wearing simple clothes in black, gray or dark blue. It was before China started to open a free market economy. If she saw how Beijing is now, she would be surprised. I asked her to visit Beijing to see me, but she doesn’t sound like she would…

Many girls were wearing crowns made of colorful fake plastic flowers, which I don’t see in Japan. They want to be a princess!

There were some people who pulled the cherry tree branches to their face to take good photos, but it could harm the trees.

I saw a boy maybe in middle school, who was climbing on a tree. I thought it’s a bit funny because I would see the same thing in Japan too. It’s also not good for trees though.

Anyway, it’s maybe universal that people feel happy when they see pretty flowers in warm spring weather.

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