Started learning French / Got invited to a mysterious party 1

I’ve just started learning French this month, because my husband and I may go to France later in this year. (Even though my progress learning Chinese is slow …)

o0354046413038829103-1                                     Paris was awesome when we visited last summer…

Actually my husband is the one who really wants to learn French!
But we thought it would be fun to learn together.

He already got a brochure from the French Culture Center which is nearby.
It looks good, but mm.. if they teach French in Chinese, I’m sure I would be confused… (He has the ability to understand the class, but I maybe don’t…)

So, I started reading a French textbook written for Japanese at a Starbucks one day. That was my first day to learn French!

After a while, a Chinese man sat at the same big table. He was wearing a nice suit and pocket handkerchief with a dots print. Oh it looks a bit too fashionable for here… But never mind.

While he was reading some newspapers, his phone rang and he answered it.

‘Oh~, bonjour! %*$#@+/>…’

Omg! He is speaking French very fluently…

When he finish talking on his phone, I couldn’t help talking to him (in English).
“Excuse me, but you can speak French so fluently! It’s amazing!” or something…

He also could speak good English.

He told me he is an owner of a gallery and works in Beijing and France.

I told him I’ve just started leaning French there and I also do my painting.

“There is a party in my gallery in this weekend. Why don’t you come over if you have time?”

Omg! I’d love to go!

My husband would be interested in going too, but unfortunately, he is gone for his work trip now. Ok, I found a friend to go to the party with me.

When I talked to my mom in Japan over the phone about the party, she said
“What kind of the party is it?”
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t they push you buy expensive art or something?”
“Oh well, yea, they could.”
“Mom, you are smart.”
“Of course! Is it at night? Be careful…”

My husband said
“Are you really all right going there?”

Oh come on! Don’t scare me guys. Anyway, I’ll go!

~ to be continued ~  (next story)

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