Chinese New Yea’s Eve 2 ~ An war zone with firecrackers?

18th Feb was Chinese New Year’s Eve.
For dinner, my husband and I ate ketchup rice with omelet and some vegetables at home, then my husband had to work with his computer and paper. It doesn’t feel like New Year’s Eve at all.
Around 9 pm, the noise of fireworks and firecrackers got bigger, so we went outside to see how it looked.

People were lighting fireworks and firecrackers everywhere, so I jumped from being scared by the big sudden noise.
‘E-panda, don’t run away suddenly! It’s dangerous! What if you get hit by a car?’
‘But… kowai yo—!!! (So scary!) ‘
It was like being in a war zone. I’ve never been in it though.
Some people spend a lot of money for fireworks and firecrackers for the New Year. This year the government banned lighting them in some areas because it’s getting extreme year by year and every year there are bad fire accidents and some people get injured (burned) seriously.
But they still do it.



I even saw people burning something in a street. Ok, there is a police man with fire extinguishers nearby…

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