A day to eat dumplings again.

Here in China, it’s still New Year’s time. So my husband and I were home today. When we were in front of our door to take a walk, the woman upstairs (let me call her ‘Upstairs a-yi’) walked down to us and said ‘Here are dumplings for you. I’ve just cooked these. It’s Po-wu today, a day to eat dumplings!’ ‘Oh!’ She kindly shared her wonderful food with us again!
This is the fifth time we had dumplings for this Chinese New Year. So actually we were just talking about how we were getting bored of eating dumplings this morning… :P  But we always welcome the food she cooks, it’s very yummy always. They were two kinds, green chives and beef, and cabbage and beef.

We found there were a couple of dumplings in a shape we’ve never seen. They were flat and bigger than the others. Why?? My guess is this: when she was making dumplings, the skin dough was a bit more than the veggie and meat to put inside. So she used two skins for one portion of veggie and meat. I may ask her the reason next time I see her…

By the way, especially tonight I hear the noise of firecrackers and fireworks again…mm.

I researched about Po-wu (破五) a bit. It’s a day to eat dumplings now. But in old time, there used to be a tradition that people were banned from cooking, cleaning rooms, sawing, and for women going out from new year’s eve to this Po-wu (破五), for six days.  Ok…
And, omg, ‘Around 12pm midnight, people light firecrackers to invite a god for fortune’
Mm… it means we can’t have a good sleep tonight again :(

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