Beijing’s Olympic Park was a paradise.

Last weekend, I went to Beijing’s Olympic park for the first time with my husband. It took about 40 minutes by subway to get there. It’s not so far at all. It was built for the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008.
LeavesI felt it is fall now, even though some leaves were still green.


The station looks different from others because of these columns.

Even though the park was a little bit far from the center of the city, there were a lot of people near the gate of the park. We had to keep walking, walking and walking to get out of the crowd. Omg, that’s Beijing. China’s population is more than 1.3 billion…

This is what I see only in China. Many people, families or couples bring tents to put up in the park to have their own space. They don’t stay over night. They come during the daytime and go home before the park closes in the evening.

Once we finally walked into a small path, I didn’t see many people and we could find a good place to sit and have a lunch.

I often make lunch box with onigiri (rice ball), simple okazu (food) like egg and vegetable, cut fruit and hot green tea in a thermos when I go to a park. Why does onigiri taste so good when you eat outside???

wetlandThere was a wetland at the park.


This leaf’s color stays fresh green because it’s covered by other leaves.

I like waking in nature because I can find interesting some scenes like this, especially when seasons change.


I especially love taking photo of small fruits in trees. They look so cute and good! Sometimes I even have a bite of them occasionally…

Now you can see some different kinds of small fruits in trees, so the Olympic park was like a paradise for me. : P


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